Overruns and delays are common in big mining projects. In mining construction, risk control measures must always be addressed at the design planning stage rather than retrofitting or redesigning when hazards emerge.

Construction high-risk work, such as mining, requires specific skills and knowledge. Safe design must be supported by a collaborative risk management approach throughout the project, which means the project leader must consult people with knowledge of each project phase to identify problems and solutions – from design to use to demolition.

It is essential for the project manager to have the knowledge and skills to guide a change in direction as soon as a problem emerges and not let flaws in the culture, management, and decision-making infrastructure stop timely intervention in the construction process.

In addition, the project manager must create a comprehensive view of the project and ensure the buy-in and collaboration of teams whose members have different management styles, different perspectives, and even different ways of defining problems. To ensure no downtime in mining operations, we source input from various stakeholder groups to solve the problems of workflow planning, sequencing tasks, easing the access of materials and people to sites, as well as coordination among disciplines.

Mining Projects and Features

  • Heavy industrial construction projects
  • New plant construction
  • Design and installation of material storage and handling systems
  • Installation of process equipment
  • Compliance with regulatory and safety standards
  • Managing challenging site conditions
  • Safe and productive operations, both on-surface and underground
  • Minimising production downtime
  • Consultant Management
  • Contractor Management

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