Construction Engineering

Construction Management Consulting

A good engineering blueprint is only as effective as its execution in the construction phase. ProCM’s purpose is to help the Mining, as well as Food and Beverage industries develop and implement a disciplined approach in turning engineering strategies into construction plans and, ultimately, reality. The ability to envision the end goal right from the start, and to build critical path planning around the scheduling of higher-level groups of tasks, are strengths we actively hone.

We keep the bigger picture in mind, while executing the details. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Construction Management Consulting Services

  • Risk Analysis
  • Procurement strategy management (commercial)
  • Review bid proposals and perform take-off calculations
  • Assist with development of contract documents and construction specifications and assist with securing bids and awarding contracts
  • Specific contract suites for different applications
  • Stakeholder involvement and engagement
  • Design management
  • Masterplan development
  • Design optimisation
  • Cost analysis
  • Business case development
  • Implementation management
  • Site coordination and reporting
  • Commercial management
  • Contract closeout
  • Post-project review

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