Meet the Team

Pieter van Rooyen - Managing Director

ProCM Projects (Pty) Ltd’s very own Managing Director, Pieter van Rooyen, has more than a decade of experience as a project and operations manager and uses his invaluable skills to guide the ProCM team.

Pieter’s deep passion for planning and construction equips him with a unique set of skills needed to deliver projects on time within budget and that exceed all expectations. He is always looking for ways to better provide for his clients and his team. After qualifying as a Civil Engineer, Pieter obtained an Honours Degree in Management of Technology at the University of Pretoria in 2009, he then went on to broaden his financial acumen by obtaining an MBA at Cardiff Business school in the UK. In 2017, Pieter furthered his commercial knowledge by obtaining an MSc Degree in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at Kings College in London.

Pieter has extensive experience in the construction and engineering fields, having worked on a variety of projects – namely; leading a $125m brewery expansion project at Rosslyn Brewery as well as the expansion of Kriel Colliery, a R2bn project headed by Seriti Resources. He has a deep understanding of the demands of the production environment and the imperatives of project delivery, giving Pieter the ability to effectively bridge the gap between the two. This means that Pieter’s construction projects are delivered to spec, on time and without hindering the operational side of the business, exceeding his client’s expectations, every time.

With specialties in project management, client liaison, materials procurement, team motivation, business development and a keen interest in safety, Pieter is equipped with the powerful ability to envision the end goal right from the beginning and critical path planning, scheduling and implementation that lead to the successful completion of the project.

A deep understanding of product planning and development led Pieter to start ProCM. He aimed to create a unique entity that ensures construction projects are completed by a well-managed and successful team.

Pieter works tirelessly to guide project team members, from employees to consultants – encouraging his team to consistently keep the bigger picture in mind while executing the finer details and achieving the near impossible.

“Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown.”
“If you want to be somebody, and you want to go somewhere then you better wake up and pay attention” Sister Mary Clarence

Ola Paton - Project and Development Manager

Aleksandra Paton, fondly known as Ola, is a project and development manager with more than a decade of experience in the engineering field. Ola began her career in operations at Middelburg Ferrochrome, followed by working within the engineering consulting and design environment at Hatch and Thermtron Scientific. 

With a passion for sustainability and an ability to bring collaborations together, Ola has led the expansion of her network to stakeholders beyond the direct mining value chain. She has core experience in multi-disciplinary project management, design, operations management and commissioning. She has an extensive technical background in pyrometallurgy (i.e. furnaces) and chemical processes as well as international experience in the processing of copper, ferroalloys, titano-magnetite, base metals, vanadium, gold, PGM’s, ilmenite, molybdenum hexafluoride, silane and carbon-rich gas streams. 

In working as a project, engineering and development manager since 2013, Ola is a master in budget development, financial management, procedure and contract development, resource management and technical development.

Ola’s expertise, passion and enthusiasm are evident in all of her projects as she strives to achieve only the highest level of quality in all that she does. Ola leads and develops her teams to deliver impeccable projects to her clients. 

Petra van der Linde - Chief Financial Officer

Petra qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) and completed her articles with KPMG in South Africa. She then  moved to Singapore as a manager in the Financial Services business unit, leading audits for predominantly Asset Management and Asset Financing entities. Here she was also part of the team that implemented the online audit software for the Singapore office and was responsible for training and supporting the staff on the newly implemented software.  

She later joined a multi-family office as an asset manager, managing the assets of several high net worth families. She handled a wide variety of interesting projects from a private equity real estate project in Colombo to running an Asian Equity Fund. During this time she also obtained her Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification.

Upon her return to South Africa, she advised a Blockchain startup company before joining an Enterprise Asset Management and Engineering Group as the Group CFO. She spearheaded a project to source and implement a Cloud-based Project Management system, integrating it into Cloud Accounting software. She worked closely with the managing directors of all 3 companies in the group taking care of reporting, budgeting, forecasting and cash flow management amongst other things. 

With a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise under her belt, Petra eagerly applies her broad-spectrum experience to her position as the Chief Financial Officer at ProCM.

“Great leaders are willing to sacrifice the numbers to save the people. Poor leaders sacrifice the people to save the numbers” Simon Sinek
“I believe in saying what you’re doing and doing what you say”

Awie Schutte - Project Manager

With eight years of experience in the construction and project management field, Awie Schutte specialises in coordinating and implementing multi-disciplinary projects. He is an experienced and professional project manager with a National Diploma in Civil Engineering and a B.Tech in construction management. 

Awie has a proven ability to plan and execute complex capital projects and has demonstrated impressive project management skills through efficient site and stakeholder coordination. He has an immense amount of experience in managing, coordinating and implementing multidisciplinary projects in power generation, FMCG as well as in the industrial and infrastructure sectors.  

Awie believes in teamwork, transparency and open communication which leads to all projects being completed on time and at the highest level of quality. He has in-depth experience in budget and cost analysis, including labour and materials management and is deeply competent in all aspects of contract and compliance management for major projects. 

As a hardworking individual who gives 110% to the success of his projects, Awie is eager to expand his knowledge and give his absolute best as a project manager at ProCM.

Hirsheda Jeram - Project Manager

Hirsheda Jeram has more than 15 years of experience as a process engineer and has spent the last seven years as a project engineer at Veolia Water Technologies. Hirsheda obtained her Professional Engineer certification in 2013 and in 2017 completed her honours degree in Water Utilisation Engineering at the University of Pretoria.   

Hirsheda has a keen interest in water and energy and has a deep passion for sustainability. She has worked on a variety of fascinating projects which include a Reverse Osmosis Plant expansion and various containerised potable water treatment plants, the installation of new carbon, sand & polishing filters and water treatment skid manufacturing for a solar plant panel washing facility. 

She has in-depth experience in facilitating design finalisation, procurement, quality management, manufacturing, transportation as well as installation and commissioning for national and African projects for packaged water treatment plants.

Hirsheda proudly states that she “will never stop learning” as she finds considerable fulfilment when her work combines analytical, creative, strategic and social tasks. She prides herself on her ability to work exceptionally well with team members to not only meet but exceed client expectations. 

Hirsheda is adaptive, energetic and eager to take on challenging projects that come her way as a project manager. 

“Win some, learn some”
“New mistakes. It is fine to make a mistake once but not twice”

Marius Mostert - Structural Engineer and Program Manager

Marius Mostert became a registered professional civil engineer in 2002 and has been making waves in his career since then. He has extensive experience in managing large mining, commercial, industrial and civil projects in South Africa, Africa and Australia. 

With more than two decades of expert knowledge and experience, Marius has used his strong technical, project and commercial management skills to lead multidisciplinary project teams. Throughout his career, Marius has won several awards for his outstanding work on various projects. Most notably, he worked on the structural designs for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup upgrade at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Phokeng. After the completion of this project, he was awarded the SAISC award for Technical Excellence. 

In 2018, Marius won the Exxaro Technical Award of Excellence for the precast concrete roof design of the new load out station silo roof structure at the Grootegeluk mine. And most recently in 2020, he was awarded the NCR Best Global Rail Project for the Sydney NWRL in Australia.

Marius’ strengths lie in safety management, structural engineering, project management and project planning. He has an outstanding ability to plan and execute complex capital projects and has detailed experience in budget and cost analysis, including labour and materials management.

Marius consistently delivers projects that meet all safety parameters, KPIs, budget constraints and deadlines. As a structural engineer and program manager, he enthusiastically awaits any new projects where he can showcase his keen eye for detail and exceed client expectations. 

Kudzai Mungofa - Construction Manager

Kudzai Mungofa is a professionally registered civil engineer since 2017, not only is he registered but he is also a Project Management Professional and has furthered his education by studying a diploma in management accounting. Kudzai’s educational background and extensive experience give him a unique insight into both project and financial management. Kudzai has been working in the built environment sector involved in the whole project life cycle.

While working at one of the top 50 internationally rated design firms he has managed projects over R 45 million rand in the water sector and over the 9 years at the firm he has done transport planning, civil design and site supervision. Having the technical and financial knowledge allows Kudzai to deliver complex projects with tight deadlines and budgets.

As a hands-on and dedicated project manager and financial master, Kudzai strives to establish great relationships with his clients, stakeholders and his team. In his current position as Construction Manager at ProCM, he ensures all of his projects are delivered to perfection from the initial planning phase all the way through to handover.

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Letitia Swanepoel - Financial and Office Administrator

Letitia Swanepoel joined our team as a financial administrator with more than two decades of work experience. After graduating from the University of Pretoria in 1996 with a BCom Communications degree, she has gone on to hold a variety of positions within the business and financial sectors. Letitia is highly organised with a knack for developing long standing professional relationships with her corporate clients, co-workers, superiors and outside resources.

Letitia’s positive attitude is a driving force in the workplace as she navigates any challenges with ease using her ambitious and resilient nature. Throughout her career, Letitia has held a variety of roles from a production planner to office administrator to financial administrator. These roles combined have given her a unique skill set that enables her to meticulously meet deadlines, handle any challenges thrown at her and remain calm in high-pressure situations.

With a proven track record of integrity, hard work and commitment to company objectives, Letitia aims to provide support to the team while remaining passionate about her position as a Financial and Office Administrator at ProCM.

Morné De Beer - Construction Manager

Since graduating as a civil engineer in 2007 from the University of Pretoria, Morné De Beer has worked on a variety of civil and structural projects. With over a decade of experience under his belt, he continues to increase his skillset and truly master his expertise in design, detail, report writing and site supervision.

Morné’s experience is mostly in the field of structural engineering including concrete and steel structures (residential, commercial, educational and water retaining). Most recently, he was responsible for the design of concrete elements (bridge deck, piers, abutments & pile caps) and the issuing of drawings and details for the Amandel Road Bridge in Kuils River. Morné also worked on the structural design and detailing of a new 90,000m2 regional hospital and 4,000m2 staff accommodation units for the Tshilidzini Hospital.

Morné prides himself on his stellar work ethic and ensuring all the projects he works on are executed to perfection. As a Construction Manager at ProCM with strong technical engineering skills, he ensures that the construction work of a project is carried out according to the quality, time and cost requirements of the contract to suit the clients’ needs and budgets.

“A good day gives you happiness and a bad day gives you experience”
“You want to get out of the hole? First you’re going to have to put down the shovel.”

Sandisiwe Madliwa - Civil Engineer

Sandisiwe Madliwa is a Civil Engineering Specialist with over 15 years of experience in the field. She is a highly motivated individual who uses strategy and creativity to develop effective responses and plans to all projects, people and any challenges she may face.

With a deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with being a civil engineer, Sandisiwe is able to establish, develop and maintain highly effective working relationships with the project team. She uses her advanced, invaluable skills and experience to lead, plan and manage any project deliverables from conceptualisation and commissioning of all civil engineering discipline projects.

Sandisiwe is incredibly passionate about her work as a Civil Engineer and strives to be a team player as well as a reliable leader in any project she is a part of here at ProCM.